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Million Dollar Bill

Custom Million Bills
(Business Cards)

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What other way can you make a statement than by having your message or business card on a Million Dollar Bill?

  • Impress those you do business with.

  • Let them advertise for you...they will show their friends your card/bill.

  • Create a special promotion..."A million dollars of inventory must be sold!"

  • Include your special message on your bill..."Good luck always. From Ann."

  • The possibilities are endless!

  • It's the same size as real money: approximately 6" x 2.5"

  • Goes great with our Million Dollar Greeting Cards!

Custom Back / Business Card Suggestions:
Only a one-time $50 setup fee and minimum purchase of 1000 ($149) bills. This includes a logo or image.  Add $30 setup fee for a photograph picture if a scan is required.

  1. Your Name/Company

  2. Address, Telephone, and E-mail

  3. Your message

Custom Front Suggestions:
Only a one-time $105 setup fee and minimum purchase of 5000 ($599) bills.

  1. Add your picture ($30 setup fee) - Picture/logo can be added to front bill.

  2. Put your name instead of "Liberty"

  3. Put your company name around the dollar seal on the left of the center picture.

  4. Put the city of your choice to the right of the center picture.

  5. Add a subtle little message anywhere on the bill.
  6. Add your e-mail and/or phone number (ideal for resellers)

Custom jobs may take up to 10 business days to complete.

Email bill (at) or fax your copy/layout to us.  It does not have to be a specific measurement...we'll make it fit.  If you're going to send a graphic file, please use at least a 300 DPI TIFF file.  Fax 713-782-1775.  Call us for assistance - toll free 1-888-932-3688.
Any cancelled order will incur the $25 setup fee charge after the proof has been made.

Traditional Million Front

Custom Million Front 
(subtle differences compared to standard Front)
Custom Million Backside
Custom Front for KPMG with Picture
Custom Backside for KPMG

These are actual scans of customized bills.  Request your sample today!

Million Dollar Bills and Billion Dollar Bills as novelty items 
for promotion, marketing, profit, and fun!
Call us 7 DAYS A WEEK toll-free at 1-888-932-3688
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Like a FREE sample? Send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope or 
use PayPal to beam us $0.40 to cover postage and handling for IMMEDIATE shipment of your sample.